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We had THE best server tonight!!!!! I mean other than @__jesskaashleyy granted this is #DandB #DaveAndBusters and that’s #BWW #BuffaloWildWings but none the less!!! We got a full dinner for the price of two #bundlets!!!! Guys…this night has been amazing!!! #gettinglaid #gettingpaid #hooking #hoestatus #notreally #noRing (at Dave & Buster’s Hollywood)


Last night I went to Starbucks and when the guy finished my drink, he bent down and wispered, “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.” I just smiled and took my drink, and while I was leaving I heard the other worker saying: “WOULD YOU STOP TELLING PEOPLE THAT, NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR INSPERATIONAL SHIT!” and the guy responded with, “Gurl, there is no way in hell I am letting you dull my sparkle.” 

Oh my god. 


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